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TF EC has the same high quality, with the same ease of installation, and assesories as our regular TF. There are 7 sizes of TF EC.

The TF is an in-line centrifugal duct fan with high capacity and excellent reliability. The straight through radial fan is compact and very easy to install. It can cope with high pressure and long duct runs, whilst still operating at acceptable sound levels.

The TF range of fans have casings manufactured from galvanized steel and are moisture resistant. They are approved for installation in humid or damp environments being rated IP44 when installed in a duct system.

The fan speed can be controlled by voltage variation regulators. Several fans can be connected to the same controller providing the total rating of the controller is not exceeded.

The motors are an external rotor type motor. They have maintenance free sealed ball bearings and are protected from over heating by thermo contacts.